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Currently reviewing production and licensing options... Baby "Victoria"  has arrived the 7th of November 2013... Well always keeping you posted... 

Candidate Lakishia Williams had secured a spot on the Canadian based TV show called Dragon's Den with her new startup business called Insta Bagz. Dragon's Den is equal to the U.S. TV show called Shark Tank where hopeful entrepreneurs are given a chance to pitch an idea before a panel of millionaire investors who decide to invest or not in their business endeavors. Mrs. Williams have gotten positive feedback from all 5 Dragons and along with their advice and added recommendations is moving forward toward getting this product produced as quickly as possible. Mrs.Williams is currently in the process of building and creating relationships with potential businesses and generating capital through the pre-launch of Insta Bagz and encourage all to donate, sponsor or make a purchase.
Insta Bagz LLC is a start-up business, established in Clarkston, MI early 2013. Our product is designed to address the chronic overuse and reuse of leftover shopping and grocery store merchandise bags as well as to provide an unending wide spectrum for usage of these specially designed packaged bags in almost any arena. Insta Bagz LLC products can be used in an unscaled variety of ways whether its by way of a company or a direct customer purchase. This product fulfills a growing population which needs are settled and restrained to "making do" with the old because there is nothing new in the way of an easily accessible bag within hands reach.
Insta Bagz are rather discrete and small in size as some are about the size of an american quarter these are bio-degradable bags placed within an attachable casing for better convenience when traveling, shopping or just having to haul or discard items. Insta Bagz is climbing its way to prove its a viable business and in demand.   Donations and pre-orders of any size are gladly accepted via the website so tell a friend and let's support an original American made company "Imported from Detroit".

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